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Filter separator inspection

Performing meter calibration

Filter separator in Northern Michigan

Corrosion coupon replacement

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The Michigan Gathering system includes a primary header system in northern Michigan and the Saginaw Bay Pipeline.  These pipes were first started in the early 1970s and then expanded as the Antrim shale and Niagaran production grew.  We currently serve more than 40 customers—a combination of producers, marketers and utilities.  Producers continue to explore shales and other formations, and we are ready to support these efforts given our strong midstream infrastructure.

A subsidiary of DTE Energy, DTE Michigan Gathering provides natural gas transportation, lateral construction and related services in Michigan.


Monitoring our gathering system is an important part of our safety program.

If you detect any safety issues, leave the area immediately without trying to locate the source of the leak, and call 800.947.5000.

Please also refer to the DTE Natural Gas Emergency website for further safety information