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14-mile pipeline   |   Berks County, PA

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The Birdsboro Pipeline Project included the installation of approximately 14 miles of 12-inch diameter pipeline in Berks County, Pennsylvania in order to transport natural gas from an interconnection with the Texas Eastern Transmission LP (Texas Eastern) mainline to a new gas-fired electricity generating facility to be located in the Borough of Birdsboro, Pennsylvania (Birdsboro Facility). The Birdsboro Facility is being developed by Birdsboro Power LLC (Birdsboro Power).

As part of the development process, the Birdsboro Pipeline is committed to working with stakeholders to design, construct and operate the project with a core focus on safety and respect for landowners and local natural resources. As DTE continues to develop the project, we will update this website with the latest information.

DTE’s Birdsboro Pipeline connecting Texas Eastern Transmission LP to Birdsboro Power LLC was placed into service December, 2018.

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